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I wouldn’t say the Queen is one of my favorites bands, but I do enjoy a great deal of their music.  And of course, it’s always fun to combine two things I enjoy..  So, as promised when I posted the Maid Dragon AMV, here’s a collection of anime AMV’s that use Queen for their music.

Hit the jump, and let’s rock!

Since it’s currently airing… I’ll lead off with One Punch Man / We Will Rock You.  The video features both Saitama and Genos beating the tar out of various bad guys.

Based mostly on the fights in My Hero Academia’s U.S.J. arc…  The maker nicely matches the action to the lyrics.  I’m particularly fond of the sequence concentrating on All Might (pay attention to the lyrics).

I tried hard to find an AMV that used “Another One Bites The Dust”, just couldn’t find one that I liked…  Random trivia, “Another One Rides The Bus” is the first Weird Al song I ever heard.  In fact, I was riding the (school) bus when I heard it.  I don’t know why that’s stuck with me for near to forty years, but it has.

If there’s one AMV in this collection that I had to nominate for the best match of character and song…  I think casting Faye Valentine as the Killer Queen would probably get the nod.  And whoa, when I was putting tags on this post, I had to create a Cowboy Bebop tag…  Can’t believe I’m well into my third year of blogging and I haven’t mentioned Bebop before!

Also speaking of Bebop, I have a playlist of Bebop AMV’s I’ve been trying to whittle down for over a year now.  I may just have to give up and make a series of posts…

Unsurprisingly, there are a ton of AMV’s that use “We Are The Champions”…  And there were a lot that, as per Sturgeon’s Law, could be easily easily discarded.  This video has been sitting in the draft of this post for weeks, somehow it seems especially poignant after the events so far this season.  (For future readers of this post, Season 3 Part 2 – up through about episode 6 or 7.)

No, it’s not anime…  But I am a huge MCU fan, and this is a very cool AMV so I couldn’t resist including it.


There you have it, I hope you enjoyed this collection!  Drop a comment, let me know what you thought, and let’s chat.

P.S. What’s your favorite Queen song?

12 thoughts on “Queen (of the AMV)”

  1. Queen are one of the foundational bands of my childhood. My older sister was a massive fan, so I have all kinds of memories from growing up – listening to her LPs when she invited me into her room, watching the old music videos (one of the first tapes she got her hands on after we bought our first VCR was a copy of “Queen’s Greatest Flix”), hitting that iconic low note for my brother when he’d play “You’re My Best Friend” on the piano, imitating the freeze-stops in the “Play the Game” video when I was like 6/7 years old…good times. They’re not my absolute favorite (that’s Van Halen, another foundational band thanks to my older brother) but they are way way up there.

    Favorite member of the band would be an easy question – I’ve always been a John Deacon guy. Asking me to pick a favorite song of theirs, though, that’s really tough…you could ask me probably 7 days in a row and get 7 different answers. For their hit songs I mainly waffle between Killer Queen, Under Pressure, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Somebody to Love; maybe Spread Your Wings when I’m feeling a little more somber. Some of my favorite deep cuts are Dead on Time, You Take My Breath Away, and The Prophet’s Song.

    Anyway, I liked the first three AMVs especially. It seems like songs with heavy, thumping backbeats tend to work really well with OPM (I have another OPM video in my AMV playlist that also uses that sort of rhythm-heavy song), and that Killer Queen one is going into my playlist right next to your Dragonmaid vid. Faye is definitely a great match for that song.


    1. Never collected albums much as kid… As a teen I did buy Cat Steven’s Catch Bull at Four and later Briefcase Full of Blues. I did get into collecting albums in the early/mid 80’s, and somewhere deep in storage I have a fine collection of 80’s alternative music. My parents didn’t have many either. We did have the 8-track for Synergy’s Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra and I pretty much wore it flat out in the late 70’s.

      So I guess I don’t really have any foundational bands… I’ve only ever collected three bands, Devo, Steeleye Span, and much later The Rankin Family.

      Favorite songs for me are simple… Killer Queen and Under Pressure neck-and-neck with We Are The Champions and We Will Rock You right behind. Flash Gordon is a sentimental favorite… With one group of friends (we all went and saw the movie way back when), it was a running gag for someone to randomly shout out “FLASH!” and everyone else would reply “Ah-ah!”. It still pops up among us on Facebook now-and-again. (Much to the confusion and amusement of those not in on the joke.)

      The Killer Queen and MHA vids are probably my favorites out of this particular set.


      1. Those are all great songs. Funny story: I only have one rap album in my collection (Public Enemy’s Nation of Millions), and it has a song that samples Flash’s iconic opening, except that they added a stutter to the “savior of the universe” line so it sounds a bit like a record skipping. The first few times I listened to it I thought there was a problem with the CD – took me a while to catch on that it was just an effect.

        Anyway, I own every Queen studio album except two (Hot Space and Made in Heaven), and one of the things that’s cool about it is the sheer variety of musical styles they were able to play and play well. I can be in the mood for something heavy, light, funky, punky, or arty, and chances are at least one of their albums will give me what I’m in the mood for. I have two other Queen AMVs in my playlist, if you don’t mind me sharing them.

        “Who Wants to Live Forever” (Spice & Wolf)

        “I’m Going Slightly Mad” (Madoka Magica)

        Everybody in my family collects music and movies (except my Dad, but Mom’s always bought enough for both of them anyway). All of my older siblings had their own record collections, and Mom’s got hundreds of movies in her video library at this point, so growing up I always thought that’s just a normal thing that everyone does. It kinda blew my mind when I got older and found out I had friends who didn’t buy CDs and videos. Of course, I’m sure some of those same people would find it equally odd that I enjoy watching Chinese cartoons, but whatever.

        Briefcase, now that’s a good album. I’ve really come to love blues music over the years (that’s one thing I wasn’t much exposed to growing up), and like many white kids of a certain age range, the Blues Brothers really did a lot to turn me on to authentic blues. I bought my first few blues CDs (some Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters) when I was in college, but later when I lived in Kentucky one of the local radio stations carried the syndicated “House of Blues Radio Hour” program (hosted by Dan-as-Elwood) on Sunday nights. I used to tune in every week if I wasn’t busy, and I got introduced to a lot of really good artists that way.

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        1. An interesting pair of AMV’s…

          There’s just enough age difference between us… VCR’s weren’t a big thing until I was into my 20’s. We (my wife and I) had a pretty big collection of tapes and DVD’s, but when we downsized a couple of years back all except for a select few DVD’/BD’s went into the Goodwill box. We just didn’t watch them that often to justify the space, and the VCR had died without replacement years before.

          Briefcase is one of the very few complete albums that I bought off of iTunes when I shifted to all digital a while back.

          I think the biggest genre I’m into as an adult that I wasn’t exposed to as a kid is country (mostly Johnny Cash), the older stuff – before the modern rock/pop/country crossover. (Hmm… a Johnny Cash AMV post could be fun, if I could find enough good ones that aren’t “Hurt”.)


    2. Hm, it’s hard to pick favourite songs, isn’t it? When it comes to hits, it’s probably “Don’t Stop Me Now”, for me. It’s an awefully hard song to pull off, and Freddy Mercury does it so fluidly. I also like “Love of my Life” and “It’s a Hard Life”. I also like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We are the Champions”, but I hear them so often on the radio that they lose some of the lustre with each repitition.

      Other songs I really like are “All Dead,” “The Faerie Feller’s Master Stroke”, or “In the Lap of the Gods (Revisted)”. “The Prophet’s Song” is great, too, and I also like “Innuendo”. Oh, and “’39”, too. It really depends on the mood, though.

      Favourite member was probably Brian May, for me.

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      1. You know, I read your comment and immediately had to go put on the Black side of Queen II. Because “Fairy Feller” is great (and has one of John’s most virtuoso bass lines), but I can’t just listen to that without listening to “Ogre Battle” and “Nevermore” too, and by then you might as well finish the side. I think “Don’t Stop Me Now” might have been my Mom’s favorite. I never asked, but I used to hear her singing it a lot. Not the “sex machine” stanza, though. Somehow she always skipped that part. :)

        News of the World is my favorite of their albums, and “We Are the Champions” isn’t even one of my top five favorites from that album. And that’s a great song, which speaks to just how awesome the rest of that album is (“All Dead” included). “Spread Your Wings,” “It’s Late,” and “Fight from the Inside” are probably my personal top three off that album.

        “Love of My Life” is amazing live. In so many of those old performances when you go back and watch them, Freddie just sang the opening lines and let the audience sing the rest of it, and it gives me the chills in a good way. Tom Petty used to do the same thing with “Breakdown,” and it’s really powerful.


        1. News of the World is a great record (though I probably prefer “Sheer Heart Attack” to “Fight from the Inside” when it comes to Taylor’s contributed songs here – It’s always confused me that the song’s not on Sheer Heart Attack.) I don’t think I have a favourite album myself, but I definitely think it’s one of the better ones, but for me it’s competing with A Night of the Opera and Jazz at the very least (neither winning nor losing, really). If I had to pick from my least favourites that’d be either Hot Space or maybe The Miracle (I remember being disappointed when it came out, but reliefed when the excellent Innuendo came out). Made in Heaven is the only one I don’t know.

          I love “Spread Your Wings”, one of Deacon’s best. And one of the better hits.

          “Love of my Live” is one of the best versions on Live Killers.

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