Spring 2021 – Almost all of Week 6

Finally… The scene I didn’t know I was holding my breath for…

Anyhow, I probably shouldn’t use the intro blurb to gush too much! It’s a busy week, both IRL and in various anime worlds – so hit the jump and let’s get to it!

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Spring 2021 – Week 5 thoughts (with some leftovers from Week 4).

In some ways it’s almost a good thing that I didn’t really get a post out last week. There’s a lot of episodes where last week and this form a two part episode! And there were some good episodes this week to boot.

So, let’s hit the jump and dive right in.

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Spring 2021 – Week 4 – Placeholder Edition

I’ve been sick most of the week…  and though I’m almost all better, that means a post didn’t get written.  So it goes. 

Some episodes, I will comment on next week, but don’t let that slow you down.  We’re all caught up, so feel free to discuss whatever shows you’re watching. (I’ve left the list of shows intact in the body of the post so you can see what I’ve watched.)

Also, I just couldn’t resist screenshotting another of Koguma’s cheesy smiles as she overcomes another challenge.

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Spring 2021 – Week 3

That most infamous of weeks! Week three, when either the plot is settled or the Big Twist hits. It’s also the usual point where folks make their “keep/drop” choice – and this season is unusual for me. There’s some weaker shows – but there’s no drops! Hit the jump and let’s see how each show stands.

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Spring 2021 Week 2(ish)

Bit of a bobble this week, posting a day early because I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. As it works out, only one show gets skipped but such is life. Anyhow, we’ve got a lot to chat about so hit the jump and let’s run down this week’s episodes!

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A leap of faith – Spring 2021 Anticipation!

Well, it’s that time again… Winter is fading and Spring approaches. There’s shows I’m sad to see go, shows I’m glad to be rid of. And there’s also shows to look forward to!

Hit the jump and let’s see what’s coming up for the next season!

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Queen (of the AMV)

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

I wouldn’t say the Queen is one of my favorites bands, but I do enjoy a great deal of their music.  And of course, it’s always fun to combine two things I enjoy..  So, as promised when I posted the Maid Dragon AMV, here’s a collection of anime AMV’s that use Queen for their music.

Hit the jump, and let’s rock!

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Worth Watching – Ochako Uraraka

My Hero Academia - Ochako Uraraka

There’s a ton of Boku no Hero Academia AMV’s out there, almost all featuring Deku, or Bakugo, or Todoroki.  When she is the subject, Ochako is almost always paired with Deku and it’s all about the shipping…

This is patently unfair.  As we saw in the second season, she’s a person in her own right with her own motivations and goals.  That’s why I’m pleased as punch to share this AMV, which puts Ochako Uraraka  right where she should be – front and center in her own story.


As always, feel free to comment here or there…  If you enjoyed this AMV, be sure and drop by the video’s page on YouTube and support the creator by giving a like or leaving a comment.

Summer 2018 – Week 12/13 Finales

Encouragement of Climb - Two good friends
And so, the season ends…  The fall picture from Yama no Susume is appropriate, as it’s both Fall (seasonally) and the Fall anime season is underway.  (I think I’ve featured Yama no Susume as the head screenshot more than any other this season…  but my love for the show is no secret.)

Anyhow, all the finale episodes are now in the can.  Hit the jump and let’s chat about how they went!
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Summer 2018 – Week 11

Encouragement of Climb - Friends.
Busy, busy week at shows set up for the final arcs and penultimate episodes!  Hinata and Aoi reconcile, Harakuna gets amped up, and Hanebado is…  well, once again Hanebado.

All that and more after the jump!
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