I’m back! – Spring 2021 – Week 10/11

Well, the new computer is in and set up! But that doesn’t mean I’m done being frustrated. Something about Crunchyroll’s new website prevents me from taking proper screenshots… It’s *always* something. Anyhow, let’s dive in and chat about anime shall we?

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More questions than answers – Spring 2021 – Week 9


Why more questions than answers? Because that’s how a lot of shows leave me feeling this week. But really, isn’t that a good thing? Wouldn’t it be boring if everything was easily explained and answered?

Either way, hit the jump and join the Q&A!

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Spring 2021 – Week 7/8, Catching up.

OK, back online. With an aged machine. With an aged Mac (and me a PC person). Still, better than nothing… Lets me get a post out and that’s what matters, neh?

So, let’s hit the jump and get caught up on the last two weeks.

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If it’s not one tham ding, it’s another…

If you follow me on twitter, you’ve got the gist of it…  But the last week or so has kinda sucked.  And it’s going to suck for a while yet.

Basically, my desktop died last week with my post only half written, so no post came out last week.  Thanks to an IRL friend, I’m back online with an ancient (circa early 10’s) Mac Mini…  But it’s slow, and quirky.  (And this small screen isn’t easy to work on.)  I also can’t quite figure out how to take screenshots.

So, the plan is this:  Later this week, I’ll get a mixed Week 7/8 post out and resume regular coverage next week.  Because this machine doesn’t work quite like my normal (Windows) desktop, they’ll probably be text only and likely short.

The new machine is due in sometime in late June, and things should return to normal.  (“Normal” is of course used advisedly around me!)  It’s taking that long because the various demands on my computer mean I have to buy a customized one because no prebuilt suffices.  (Not to mention the various ongoing impacts of the pandemic.)

So, bear with me folks…  I’m still here, just working with one hand tied behind my back.

Spring 2021 – Almost all of Week 6

Finally… The scene I didn’t know I was holding my breath for…

Anyhow, I probably shouldn’t use the intro blurb to gush too much! It’s a busy week, both IRL and in various anime worlds – so hit the jump and let’s get to it!

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Spring 2021 – Week 5 thoughts (with some leftovers from Week 4).

In some ways it’s almost a good thing that I didn’t really get a post out last week. There’s a lot of episodes where last week and this form a two part episode! And there were some good episodes this week to boot.

So, let’s hit the jump and dive right in.

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Spring 2021 – Week 4 – Placeholder Edition

I’ve been sick most of the week…  and though I’m almost all better, that means a post didn’t get written.  So it goes. 

Some episodes, I will comment on next week, but don’t let that slow you down.  We’re all caught up, so feel free to discuss whatever shows you’re watching. (I’ve left the list of shows intact in the body of the post so you can see what I’ve watched.)

Also, I just couldn’t resist screenshotting another of Koguma’s cheesy smiles as she overcomes another challenge.

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Spring 2021 – Week 3

That most infamous of weeks! Week three, when either the plot is settled or the Big Twist hits. It’s also the usual point where folks make their “keep/drop” choice – and this season is unusual for me. There’s some weaker shows – but there’s no drops! Hit the jump and let’s see how each show stands.

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Spring 2021 Week 2(ish)

Bit of a bobble this week, posting a day early because I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. As it works out, only one show gets skipped but such is life. Anyhow, we’ve got a lot to chat about so hit the jump and let’s run down this week’s episodes!

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Spring 2021 – First Impressions!

A little later than I intended… All because Steam had The Sims 4 on sale and I spent waaay too much time over the last couple of days playing it. Anyhow, I did watch a raft load of premiers and it’s time to chat about them. Hit the jump, let’s run ’em down!

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