Spring 2018 – a quick note.

After being out very late on Tuesday night on a club photo-shoot, I felt like crap on Wednesday and decided to delay my weekly posting to Thursday…  Then on Thursday, I realized that there was only 4 finales left to cover.  (Rokuhoudou, Tada-kun, My Hero Academia, and SAOA:GGO.)  So, the Week 12 post will be delayed to Sunday or Monday to wrap up all the remaining finales in one post.

So, looking forward here’s what my posting schedule looks like for the next week or so.

  • Later today:  Summer 2018 Preview.
  • Sun or Mon: Spring 2018 – Week 12.
  • Late next week or early the week after:  Spring 2018 Season Review.
  • Starting next week: Summer 2018 First Impressions.

Wednesday of next week is a holiday, and we’re busy the next weekend (the 7th/8th) and that will likely affect the timing of my Review and First Impressions posts.

I got motivated, and most of the useful images from the photo shoot are already edited, so I’ll also have a “Recent Photography” post up soon.

Thanks for reading, see you soon with more actual content!

3 thoughts on “Spring 2018 – a quick note.”

  1. I hope you’re feeling better. I assumed you were waiting for the finales to roll in, since there wasn’t much left to cover otherwise. My spring favourites list has shifted around sligntly: Rokuhoudou has made it to the top, and there are some shows in there that I don’t think I’ve talked about much (Last Period, for example).

    I’m curious what shows you’ll pick for summer. I need all the looking-forward-to I can get. I’m excited about literally nothing, and sort of curious about some.

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    1. Much better… Between various things going on Tues, my eating schedule got whacked and that never ends well.

      You’ve been kinda reticent lately, but I look forward to your end-of-season comments.

      I just hit ‘publish’ on the preview post, so your curiosity can be satisfied!


      1. Yeah, this really wasn’t my season. On top of that, there’s real life stress, so I don’t have much to say. There’s just nothing I want to talk about. Rokuhoudou was my fave this season, but it’s not a show I have a lot to say about. And the other favourite, Hinamatsuri, is fun as hell, but it’s also not exactly inspiring to talk about. I might have had things to say about Hisone to Masotan, but nobody’s watching that yet, and I don’t want to spoil thing.

        Glad you’re better, and some degree of routine was all it took. I posted my reply, and expressed how torn I am on High Score Girl.

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