2018 beats out 2017!

Like most of us, I don’t obsess over stats.  Doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention though.  Checking them today (when I should be working on tomorrow’s post) I found pleasant news indeed.  Sometime in the last couple of weeks, my total views and visitors for 2018 blew past the total for all of 2017!
Significant Milestone - 2018
Even more surprising…  I was convinced that my output was down for the year.  But with almost all of a quarter left to go, I’m closing in on last year’s total.

Let’s celebrate!!!


(And when I went searching, I did not expect to find an AMV using a disco era song…  But there it is.  So you get to watch an AMV rather than a disco era music video.)

Just for today, it’s an open bar here at the Lounge!  Drinks are on the house!

24 thoughts on “2018 beats out 2017!”

  1. Congrats and glad you enjoyed my video from years back! It’s good to know people are still on the lookout for AMVs. It takes forever to make one in an age where everyone wants everything done now, but I won’t stop!

    Let’s hope your 2019 is even bigger!


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    1. Thanks!

      I’m always in the market for good AMV’s, but they are few and far between… Click on the AMV category to see some of the one’s I’ve featured.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Every single view still flatters me beyond measure, and with as many views as you have, I hope you feel PLENTY flattered! Like you said, it’s not worth obsessing over… but if it makes the sun shine just a TAD brighter? Then that’s awesome.

    Improvement, growth, and self actualization… that is what it’s about. Congrats! And hell, the year isn’t even over! Keep at it!

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