Worth Watching – Ochako Uraraka

My Hero Academia - Ochako Uraraka

There’s a ton of Boku no Hero Academia AMV’s out there, almost all featuring Deku, or Bakugo, or Todoroki.  When she is the subject, Ochako is almost always paired with Deku and it’s all about the shipping…

This is patently unfair.  As we saw in the second season, she’s a person in her own right with her own motivations and goals.  That’s why I’m pleased as punch to share this AMV, which puts Ochako Uraraka  right where she should be – front and center in her own story.


As always, feel free to comment here or there…  If you enjoyed this AMV, be sure and drop by the video’s page on YouTube and support the creator by giving a like or leaving a comment.

7 thoughts on “Worth Watching – Ochako Uraraka”

  1. Glad to see her getting some love. That fight was truly spectacular and I wish Uraraka had more screen time in general because she’s always great when she gets a moment.

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    1. One of the basic problems with MHA is that it’s got too many good (and decently developed) side characters… Many of which could carry an episode or three on their own. On the other hand, if a show has to have problems, that’s a good one to have.

      My favorite part of that fight is that she fought and lost fair-and-square and on her own terms. It wasn’t “filler” (if that makes sense) or throwaway. You actually got the sense that with a couple of things breaking her way, she actually could have defeated Bakugo.

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    1. Missed replying to this in the run up to the Medieval Faire… You should get around to the second season, there’s some great stuff. And because you can get into the fourth and, well I can’t say because spoilers.


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