To everything, there is a season.

Ever since I reached this decision a few months back, I’ve been agonizing over how to make this announcement.  Probably best to simply tell it straight…

Sword Art Online - YuunaWith the end of Fall 2022 season, we reach the end of weekly anime coverage here at the Lounge.


I opened the Lounge with the intent that weekly coverage of seasonal anime would be it’s centerpiece.  And for six years, for twenty four straight seasons, I’ve (more-or-less) managed to do that.  It’s the longest sustained effort I’ve ever made that wasn’t a job or my marriage.  (And just shy of 10% of my life to date!)

And along the way, there’s been a lot of laughter, tears, and good times.

But after the twin family emergencies of 2019 and the long years of COVID lockdown…  Well, I haven’t yet really recovered from either.  And the stress of having to think about every episode I watch and getting a post out each week hasn’t abated.

For my own mental health, something has to give.


Mind you, this is not goodbye!  I’m still planning on some seasonal coverage.  Anticipation posts, first impressions, mid season reviews, and season wrap ups…  Plus, I have a couple of drafts for Photography in Anime, a ton of songs to cover for my Anime Playlist series, and the long stalled Looking Back series of seasonal reviews.

There’s more than enough stuff to keep me in posts a couple of times a month for years to come.  And I’ve still got things to say.


Thank you to Dawn, to Wing, to HAL, and all the other commenters.  Y’all bring this place to life – and I hope you and everyone else who wanders by will keep coming by.

Thank you to the many other bloggers who’ve inspired me over the years.

Thank you to Bless-senpai, who was my inspiration and whose stepping back on weekly coverage was the original impetus for opening up the Lounge.


I’ll see you in a few days – after all, the Winter 2023 season begins today.  And this weekend, after we see if Gundam Mercury sticks it’s landing, I’ll have my Fall 2022 wrap up post.  After that, it’ll take a while to work out my new routine, please bear with me while I do.

12 thoughts on “To everything, there is a season.”

  1. Derek! It’s been a while since I’ve looked around at anime blogs but it was always awesome to see you post as frequently as you do. I’m glad that you’ll still be blogging but taking a step back is definitely a good call if you need the time and a break from the stress. Take care of yourself and I look forward to keeping tabs on whatever else you put out in the future!

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  2. It’s a shame for us but you definetly need to loook after your mental health first. I know how draining non stop coverage on a schedule can be. I hope you find something that really motivates you for 2023!

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  3. I know how much work weekly blogging can be, so I appreciate the effort you’ve made evne if it’s not a subject matter for me.

    So definitely take care of yourself my friend.

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    1. Thanks Greg!

      At least you can choose your own subjects! :) That was the real drain, having to say something on every show every week. And I never could master just saying a line or two.


  4. In going 6 years, I’ve pretty sure you’ve tripled the time I was doing weekly posts! Congratulations on all your efforts, and once again I have to say that my blogging efforts inspiring you to take up the mantle yourself remains one of the nicest compliments that anyone has ever given anything I’ve done.

    I probably as much as anyone know the stresses of not just keeping up with everything, but feeling you had to have something to say about everything as well. It’s tough work, and surely it’s better to step back before you end up hating everything. I think you’ve made the right decision and can be proud of that as well as proud of everything you’ve done to this point.

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re still feeling the effects of the 2019 emergencies. I know it was a hard time for you, and it’s never nice to have those struggles stretch out into the years. Hopefully, things can continue to get gradually better as time goes on.

    And a big thanks to Mrs. Derek for lend us you for those many hours of watching, drafting, and commenting over the years! And thank you to her in advance for the many more to come in the future!

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    1. Thanks Bless!

      And a big thanks to Mrs. Derek for lend us you for those many hours of watching, drafting, and commenting over the years!

      You don’t know how much take-out or microwave dinners we’ve eaten because I was all wrung out from writing. I think she’s relieved that will be dropping way down. (And that I’ll have more energy for planning and cooking.)


  5. Tough decision but the right one. Nothing ruins a hobby like turning it into a job. Hopefully cutting back will make it feel like less of one. See ya then!

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  6. ’twas a nice weekly place as long as it lasted; can’t ask for more. Thanks for your posts. Whenever you were apologising for skipping a week, I worried that the blog was becoming more of a duty than a hobby, so I actually welcome the decision, even if it means missing out. Take care of yourself; I’ll be here whenever you’re back for a new post (though without a routine I might be a few days late). This is a nice place.

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