My anime viewing history, 2021 edition

I posted versions of this graph back in 2017 and 2018… Seems I haven’t updated it since then… So I thought it might be fun to do so.

The graph shows the number of shows by season, by year, and the average by season (dashed line).  You might have to click and see it full size to read some of it.

Some wandering thoughts…

  • I expected the drop-off in 2019, given how that year went in my personal life… But I wouldn’t have expected it to be so consistent across quarters.
  • I would have expected 2020 to go up given the additional amount of time on my hands during the plague year… But instead it continued down.

Of course, this graph only shows new (current season) anime.  I have no real way of capturing the number of rewatches.  And I know there’s been a ton of them over the last two years…

If you keep track, what do your numbers look like? How did your viewing habits change in 2020?

Just for fun – my anime viewing history, 2018 version

I posted the first version of this graph back in 2017, and just on a lark decided to update it.  It seemed I watched an awful lot this year, but the numbers don’t lie…  This was actually a pretty slow year compared to some others.

If you keep track (I know not everyone does), what do your numbers look like?

Happy New Year!

Screenshot (270).png

A quick post to wish everyone a happy New Year and to look forward over the next week or so…

  • The normal weekly Wednesday post will be delayed until Saturday or Sunday for two reasons:
    • I want to include the YuYu finale.
    • If the weather holds, I’ll be out very late Tuesday night on a night photography shoot with the photo club. We’re planning on light painting a lighthouse up at the north end of the County.

This is an experimental light painting I did a few years back:

An experiment in light painting

If you click through on the photograph there’s more about my process and tools.

  • Depending on how things go, I should have a Winter 2018 anticipation post up Wednesday or Thursday

In closing a New Year’s Eve haiku I wrote a few years back:

final breath
witching hour tolls
new year

Happy New Years!

My anime viewing history.

Yesterday, a discussion arose on the FB group for our local anime group…  How many shows had we watched this season?  This year?  How did this compare to past seasons?  Past years?

So, I looked at my records on Anime-Planet and posted the numbers.  This morning, on half a cup of coffee, I decided to make a graph and see how it looked.  Why?  I have no idea, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.  “It seemed like a good idea at the time” has gotten me into all sorts of trouble over the years…  (I’ll leave the story of the six hour round trip for pizza for another time.)  Lack of caffeine doesn’t help much.

Anhow, here ’tis the graph.  I apologize in advance, I use Photoshop to edit photographs not create graphics…  so some of the add-on annotations I made on top of the Google Sheets graph look a little wonky.

Anime Activity

What do your numbers look like?

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