Winter 2018 – Week 6 & Midseason thoughts.

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Here we are for another week!  Some really good eps this week, and some that are just average.  Also, my mid-season thoughts on each show.  Hit the jump and let’s get started!

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Winter 2018 – Week 5

And here we are for another week!  I can hear your excitement from here!

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I could write something amusing or profound here, but nothing comes to mind except “why aren’t you watching Yuru Camp?“.   So let’s hit the jump and run down this week’s shows.

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Winter 2018 – Week 4

Whew…  MarchUniverse, Magus Bride, and Yuru Camp all turn in stellar episodes this week!

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Hit the jump and let’s get right to it!

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Winter 2018 – Week 3

This week, in honor of yesterday’s Baseball Hall of Fame announcement, and because of a bit of writer’s block…  my reviews are fast hot pitches right across the center of the plate.

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If an anime with a baseball scene is a classic, an anime blog that makes baseball references must be up there too!  Right?


OK, that’s the only tortured baseball reference I’ll make…  Hit the jump and let’s dive right in!
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Winter 2018 – Week 2

Parts of this are written in my inimitable grumpy snarky old man style, because for one reason and another I feel like a grumpy snarky old man today.  Tried to expunge most of it, because as fun as it is to write, it’s gotta be fatiguing to read.

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Anyhow, all-in-all it wasn’t a bad a week of anime – a few bad spots, a few dull spots, some fun spots, some laughs… Let’s hit the jump and see how the week went!
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Winter 2018 First Impressions (Part I)

And the new season is well underway!  Two solid standout shows, one meh, one drop…

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Which shows are which?  Hit the jump and see!
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