Happy New Year!

Screenshot (270).png

A quick post to wish everyone a happy New Year and to look forward over the next week or so…

  • The normal weekly Wednesday post will be delayed until Saturday or Sunday for two reasons:
    • I want to include the YuYu finale.
    • If the weather holds, I’ll be out very late Tuesday night on a night photography shoot with the photo club. We’re planning on light painting a lighthouse up at the north end of the County.

This is an experimental light painting I did a few years back:

An experiment in light painting

If you click through on the photograph there’s more about my process and tools.

  • Depending on how things go, I should have a Winter 2018 anticipation post up Wednesday or Thursday

In closing a New Year’s Eve haiku I wrote a few years back:

final breath
witching hour tolls
new year

Happy New Years!

18 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year!

    Also, we’re in anime dead time anyway, so there’s no hurry. Most stuff has already ended anyway. Maybe roll the weekly post into a seasonal review? It’s going to be rather thin otherwise, I suppose.

    That’s a very interesting painting. I’ll click the pic when I have the time. I’m curious. Reminds me most of some aura photography I’ve seen (with the exception of the “facial mask/face”).

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    1. It wouldn’t be that thin, four shows… But it would cut down the number of posts I have to work on by one, and thats a Very Good Thing actually. So, thanks, I think that is the way to go. Especially since I’m stressing so hard on the upcoming ep of 2199, it has some very difficult subject matter because of the nature of the ep.

      Please do check it out! The mask was a flash of inspiration to give the picture a focal point rather than leaving it a semi-geometric abstract. That’s an interesting comparison, and I can kinda see where it comes from, with the glow and the brighter streaks. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I try again, as I’ve always thought of the brighter streak more as slight flaw than a feature. But that also comes from the vision for this picture to some degree… converting them to a feature would need a slightly different approach.

      I also wanted to say I’ve been thinking about the long form reply you wrote on Just Because a couple of weeks back… If you ever get the urge, I’m sure I can rearrange the chairs here at the Lounge to give you a spot to hold forth from. (That is, I’m not averse to guest postings.) If you’re ever interested, hit me up via the contact form and let’s chat.


      1. So the pic is basically a chair photographed in drakness with special lightning. Understanding the specifics is a tad beyond me, but it’s a very interesting approach. It’s interesting what you can do without too many fancy resources, when you know what you’re doing. (I enjoy your photography posts.)

        I’m still not watching Yamato. Simply not in the mood, but I probably will be one day.

        Thanks for the offer. Not sure. The only blog posts I’ve conceptualised in my head (one, to be specific) would require a step-by-step screenshotting procedure, and I’m just no good at that (don’t have the equipment, don’t have the patience, and my screen’s set somewhat darker than other people usually have, so I have no good idea who it’d look on other settings [slightly photo-sensitive]). If I ever have something I need to get out there, that’s not a response to a blog-post, I’ll be sure to ask.

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        1. So the pic is basically a chair photographed in drakness with special lightning.

          That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. Lighting is everything in photography… Maybe not everything, as you need a subject too, but without light you’ve got nothing. Light painting pushes that to the extreme.

          I enjoy your photography posts.

          There’ll probably be more of them… My mentor caught up with me over the holidays and gave me hell for not working on/sharing more of my work. The blog has taken up a lot of my creative energy, and I do need to bring that back into balance. Not the least of which is due to wanting to try NaHaiWriMo again, and not flop like last year.

          Thanks for the offer. Not sure.

          Just wanted to put it out there… Screenshot capability should be built into your computer, and you know someone with the tools and skills to bring up the brightness. (Seriously, no pressure intended, just informative.)


    1. Thanks Wing!

      And what I said to Dawn goes for you too… You’ve talked about “things you’d write about if you had a blog” before, and you write good stuff. If you get the urge, hit me up via the contact form and let’s talk.


      1. Thanks for the offer! I have at least gone as far as outlining some of my ideas, in the unlikely event that I ever did find the time to start my own blog someday, so if I ever feel inspired to develop one of those outlines into a full-fledged post and it feels like something that would be appropriate for your site, I’ll let you know.

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  2. Looking forward to your thoughts on the YuYuYu finale. That light painting is actually amazing! And you made that 5 years ago? You should try to do it more often!

    Happy New Year to you, too!

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