Pizza! Winter 2021 – Week 2

In this episode your humble scribe briefly discusses his second favorite food and this week’s episodes of way-too-many anime. Also, a drop, a new show, and the first shows to cross the three episode threshold. Grab a slice of pizza, hit the jump, and let’s dive in!

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Fall 2020 – Week 11

Penultimate episodes all over the place… All the shows putting their cards on the table. Which shows do I think will stick the landing? Which are still holding just a pair of deuces? Hit the jump and find out!

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Falling forward – looking ahead to Fall 2020.

2020 has been like a million years long, but summer is almost over… And that means it’s time to look ahead to Fall! There’s some potential to be had, so let’s hit the jump and run ’em down.

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Spring 2019 – Week 12(ish)

Screenshot (161).png
A few quick observations so as not to totally lose my momentum…

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Season 3 Part 2 – Episode 9 / Episode 58

Well, now we know where Eren got his tendency towards self indulgent/self pitying monologues…  He comes by it honest, inherited from his father.  (I kid…  Mostly.)

Speaking of inheritances, I’m still working out the implications of Eren possessing Royal blood and the Founding Titan.

A fascinating episode, fraught with portents for the future.  We’re in for less action and more politics I’m afraid.

Joshi Kausei Episode 12 (Finale)

I wish they’d chose more chapters from the manga like this one…  Joshi Kausei was always at it’s best when it’s just the friends derping around doing goofy stuff just because.

Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life Episode 12

Is it just me, or was the episode mostly filler(ish) so they could cliffhanger for the finale?

Senryu Girl (Senryuu Shoujo) Episode 12 (Finale)

There were two things many viewers wanted out of this show as the season progressed.  One was to see Eiji and Nanako become a canon couple.  We didn’t get that.  The other, was to see their first meeting…  and we did get that!  I don’t know if it lived up to anyone else’s expectations, but I was smiling all through the episode.  I won’t call it perfect, but it was pretty damn good.

I also wanted to talk a little about Eiji’s senryu…

Dear Mr. Santa
Can you convince my old man
Not to smoke in bed

I actually thought it was pretty good.  A nice blend of the childish (Santa) with the adult (concern for safety and health).  Seems to me about right for a first year high school student.  Others often see Eiji as a violent thug, but the poem once again reminds us (the viewers) that there’s more to that book than the cover.

Any thoughts?  Drop a comment and let’s chat!

Spring 2019 – Week 11 (ish)

Senryu Girl (Senryuu Shoujo) - Nanako and Eiji (and a ring).png

I know, I know… Theoretically I’m on hiatus from weekly postings, but I couldn’t resist a few observations.

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Season 3 Part 2 – Episodes 56-57

After 56 episodes of waiting, we’re finally in that d*mm basement…  And what we find there is like nothing I could have ever imagined.  My head is still reeling over all the implications.  Two very interesting ones:  First, there’s now a potential second claimant to Historia’s throne.  Second, the name of her friend/protector in the Scout Regiment takes on some interesting significance.

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket continues to be a basket of feels each week.  How does it manage to accomplish in a few minutes what other shows would take a week or two to build up to?

Senryu Girl (Senryuu Shoujo) Episode 11

Each week I just fall in love with this show all over again…  Part of it is Nanako, but I have to admit to sneaky admiration for Eiji’s characterization.  Like this week, when the doofus completely misses the import of putting a ring on her ring finger!  The show has made it abundantly clear he cares for Nanako, so he’s not the typical oblivious anime protagonist.  He’s just clueless and dense in an endearingly clumsy way.

Any thoughts?  Feel free to share them down in the comments!

Queen (of the AMV)

Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

I wouldn’t say the Queen is one of my favorites bands, but I do enjoy a great deal of their music.  And of course, it’s always fun to combine two things I enjoy..  So, as promised when I posted the Maid Dragon AMV, here’s a collection of anime AMV’s that use Queen for their music.

Hit the jump, and let’s rock!

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Spring 2019 – Week 6 / Midseason Musings

Not quite as long as usual because I’ve been procrastinating and had some other stuff going on…  But anyhow, hit the break and let’s get right to it.

Fruits Basket - Tohru, Arisa, and Saki

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Spring 2019 – Week 4/5

Fruits Basket - Choosing the onigiri!

It has been a fun couple of weeks…  And I don’t mean just in the anime I’ve watched.

Anyhow, hit the jump, I’ll give a brief explanation of how we got here and then run down the shows!
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Spring 2019 – hope springs eternal!

Screenshot (159)
I can’t believe it’s that time of year already…  Spring is about to spring, and with it a fresh new crop of anime.  And that means it’s time to peer into the crystal ball and try and figure out what tempts me to watch it.

Yeah, the title is a hoary old joke…  But, what the heck.  It  works for me.

Anyhow, let’s hit the jump an run ’em down!
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Fall 2018 – Week 2

Release the Spyce - Tsukikage's Headquarters

We say goodbye to Titan as it goes on hiatus and to a couple of other shows as they hit the drop bin…  But here was also some darned good episodes this week.  Hit the jump and let’s chat!
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